Thursday, 15 March 2012

Merc For Sale. One Notorious Owner

MY LOVELY Mercedes roadster is for sale for £5,999.

Not because I'm impoverished, destitute and supping gruel in the poorhouse, as Guido Fawkes likes to pretend, impertinent fellow!

It's just not being used.

Bit cheeky to use this blog to do this I know. But as the blog hits are currently going through the roof, I thought I'd seize a little business opportunity!

In the past two years, it has done just 6,800 miles. And just 2,500 miles in the past 12 months.

It is a SL280, W reg (April 2000). It has just 69,270 miles on the clock and comes with a full Mercedes Benz/Mercedes specialist service history.

Metallic silver with black leather upholstery. Powerful 2.8 litre engine.

In superb condition. Owned by me for five years and kept in a heated garage. It had 47,000 miles on the clock which means it has covered 22,000 miles in my ownership and has never missed a beat. Good for another 100,000 miles and more.

Used for trips to France once or twice a year. Then on occasional Sundays to keep the engine lubricated.

Three previous keepers before me. But one was the garage I bought it from and it was simply parked in his showroom.

Cost new £52,000.

Taxed till end of May. MoT till March 25, 2012.

Based Esher, Surrey.

If you're interested, email me with your number on

Click on the pics to see them larger.


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