Saturday, 24 March 2012

R&R. A New Magazine is Launched in Sunderland

Andrea and Andy hold the debut edition of R&R as it rolls off the press

GREAT excitement in the ‘umble ‘ovel on the ‘ill tonight as my sister’s superb new glossy magazine R&R rolls off the presses.
And to help launch it, I have given it a four page exclusive interview.
The interview reveals how for many years I acted as agent 251, for the National Criminal Intelligence Service with the codename “George”.
It also reveals behind the scenes work on the David Beckham and Jeffrey Archer stories.
And it gives an insight into what it was like working for News International.
There is of course a plug for the forces charity where I am devoting most of my energies at the moment – Talking2Minds.
And we even managed to come up with a photo which didn’t make me look like Bela Lugosi on acid.
As you can see, the photographer made me look away from the camera this time so I didn’t spook the readers.
After my Newsnight appearance, one lady emailed me to say she thought I was staring into her living room. So we thought we’d take no chances this time.
The magazine has a 10,000 print run and will be distributed throughout Sunderland containing a mixture of news and features.
The edition also contains an exclusive interview with former Eastenders star Todd Carty, who is appearing in Spamalot at the Sunderland Empire.
There will also be a website so stay tuned for more details on that.
Advertising space was sold out ten days ago with big names such as Debenhams, the Sunderland Empire, Sunderland University and the City Council all rushing to book slots.
There are few things harder in the publishing world than trying to sell advertising for a product that doesn’t even exist yet.
But the confidence in the magazine means R&R is making a healthy profit even before it is launched.
Pitched at the higher end of the market, it will hit the streets on Tuesday and publish every two months.
The publishers are Andrea Thurlbeck, a former award winning reporter for the Sunderland Echo and her husband Andy Barker who both run the PR firm Results Network.
Hold on, what do you mean I'll frighten the horses? (Pic by Jason Alden)


  1. Andy Barker24 March 2012 20:22

    That's two very tired people in the picture!!!

  2. Bruce Martin25 March 2012 13:18

    Good luck with R&R, I'm sure it will be a massive success!!

  3. Andy Barker26 March 2012 22:30

    Thanks Bruce - we will be supporting talking2minds as much as we can. As I am sure you are aware a lot of north east lads are on the front line and once their tour is done have to try and cope with civvy street.

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