Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Jimmy Savile's Chilling Joke With Me

THE DAILY Express collared me for a chat about Jimmy Savile at a charity do last week and ran the following piece, which some of you may find interesting/infuriating in the light of recent events.

A perfect example of Savile 'hiding in plain sight', as Paul Gambaccini so accurately puts it.

The charity do by the way was in aid of the James Whale Fund for Kidney Cancer. Why not click onto their website and donate a quid or two and turn this very unpleasant story into a force for good?


  1. Anonymous29 October 2012 01:09

    Why were the rumours around Savile never acted on? The Screws news desk must have had hundreds if not thousands of leads over the years yet nothing was acted upon. I really find it incredible that you, along with Greg and Clive, couldn't make anything stick on Savile. Or were you advised to stay away?

    1. Neville Thurlbeck4 November 2012 20:41

      It's a matter of great regret that a newspaper which prided itself on exposing vice among the great and the good failed so spectacularly with Jimmy Savile. Sadly, along with the police/the BBC/NHS and other newspapers, nothing concrete in terms of evidence ever came our way. We were certainly never advised to stay away from him.

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  2. Anonymous31 October 2012 18:14

    Very chilling!

    Did you ever get word of the rumours about him or ever investigate Saville?

    Good to see you blogging after such a long absence!

    1. Neville Thurlbeck4 November 2012 20:43

      Sadly, no firm evidence from victims ever came my way or I would have been onto the story like a shot.

      Also sorry for the absence, I've been very busy of late on some projects which I hope to announce soon.

      Thankyou for tuning in to my babble!

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  3. Anonymous1 December 2012 19:33

    I'm sorry to have to say this, but three nagging questions plague me where these allegations are being floated in respect of the late entertainer and erstwhile DJ, Jimmy Savile, and they are these.

    Why did many of the principal complainants keep going back for more, and what were they getting from the star, that made them do so ?

    Why didn't they complain during his lifetime, then or later in maturity ?

    What is their motivation now - beit a subliminal moment of latter-day fame basking in the reflected memory of their former mentor and hero, or perhaps their continued quest for more of what they perhaps went for during Savile's lifetime, ergo, possibly money, thrills, or just days-out and treats in the company of a star - that makes them want to parade their experiences now, when the man is dead and no longer in a position to defend himself ?

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