Monday, 12 March 2012

Afghan Rampage, PTSD and Talking2Minds on Radio 5 Live

ON SATURDAY, a US soldier went on the rampage in Afghanistan, shooting dead 16 innocent civilians after suffering what appears to be a catastrophic mental breakdown.

Today, on Radio 5 Live, I talked about the mental trauma and suffering of serving military personnel and veterans of previous campaigns. And how Talking2Minds treats PTSD with a 97 per cent success rate.

You can hear the interview here 1 minute into the piece:

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  1. Anonymous15 March 2012 12:07

    Talking2minds or whatever it is wouldn't have quite so much work on if your former boss and so many of your colleagues hadn't been such diehard supporters of Tony Blair's warmongering.

    That man lead Britain in to at least two wars under false pretenses and all of the News Corp papers cheered him on. Absolutely disgraceful.

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