Sunday, 15 April 2012

Blog Holiday

 I’M taking a short break from blogging and tending the cabbage patch at me ‘umble ‘ovel on the ‘ill.
From Monday April 16 to Friday April 20, I will be roistering with me chums Kirky and Pimmy in Barcelona.
I’ve known both lads since 1966, when we were five years old and starting school together.
Kirky looks and sounds like Captain Mainwaring from Dad’s Army. He even has flat feet like him too.
Pimmy immerses himself nightly in a bath of red wine, only emerging when it’s empty.
One is a brilliant lawyer, the other an inspirational economics teacher. But I have considerably more hair than both.


  1. Anonymous15 April 2012 21:26

    Can pimmy drink wine quicker than you can down a cider? Have fun on you're holiday!

    1. Neville Thurlbeck15 April 2012 21:43

      Thankyou! He tends to drink it pretty slowly these days. Through a drip fixed to his arm.

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