Saturday, 21 April 2012

100,000 Hits Ahoy! And We're Ditching the Cabbage Wine!

WE’RE ditching the cabbage wine and cracking open a vintage bottle of burgundy tonight at the ‘umble ‘ovel on the ‘ill as this blog prepares to surge through the 100,000 hits barrier.
Since February 9, my ramblings have been read in 1536 cities in 115 countries.
There are 207 sovereign states so this means we have now managed to beam our way into 55 per cent of the countries of the world.
Today was quite frantic with 4,461 hits by 6.55pm due to interest in the Tom Watson piece.
Just picked up his book as I’ve been commissioned to review it for a major national publication. So I won’t be reviewing it on here until then.
But I did notice two glaring factual errors in the first two minutes.
Firstly, he claims I was recorded by a Dorset couple engaging in frolicsome activities with them. I wasn’t. If I was, I would have been out on my ear! The Press Complaints Commission reviewed all the evidence (Yes, I know, including the picture of me sans trousers, sans all!) and cleared me.
Secondly and this is a matter of far greater gravity. I do NOT inhabit a semi-detached house!
This hovel stands squarely on its own plot, quite apart from the neighbours, which must be a blessed relief to them. It has done since 1932 and remains so today.
My lawyer Henri Brandman says accusing me of, "living in a semi-detached house", is highly actionable so much of Mr Watson’s book profits will be paying for installing running water and an inside lavatory at me ‘ovel. Happy days!
My chums trip to Barcelona was great fun. The highpoint was when Pimmy, giddy on three bottles of cava, fell facedown into the gutter. Splat. Like a pancake.
Decided I didn’t like Gaudi. Does anyone? Emperor’s new clothes. Rubbish.
The bottle of burgundy by the way, is one of several vintage bottles of wine I have discovered in the hovel cellars and forgotten about.
It’s a 1997 Grands Vins de Bourgogne Beaune 1er Cru “En Genet” produced by Arnoux Pere et Fils.
Are there any wine buffs/smart Alecs out there who could advise me how much I would pay for this today?
I plan to drink it with some homemade meatballs, which many might consider a little philistine I think. But that’s the sort of shocking behaviour I get up to these days.
Thanks for tuning in.


  1. Anonymous22 April 2012 23:29

    How was the wine?

  2. Neville Thurlbeck23 April 2012 00:04

    Well it wasn't off. But it was a bit 'thin', if you know what I mean. As if it had past its best. Kept too long perhaps. I'll stick to the cabbage wine! Although there are a few more vintages which I suspect may need tackling before they suffer the same fate. I always get confused about what to lay down and what to drink and when!

  3. Jane Griffiths24 April 2012 11:36

    I looked at the sites of a couple of reputable houses and they had that one, but no older than 2004-5, at 25-30 euros the bottle. Hardly anything of that ilk more than 10 years old. Might be a message there...

    1. Neville Thurlbeck24 April 2012 18:45

      That makes sense thanks Jane. Probably best opened about seven years ago.

    2. Reply
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