Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Cambridge Union Society Address

I’M VERY much looking forward to speaking at the Cambridge Union Society tomorrow. Since I outlined the thrust of the talk on April 23, the phone hacking news agenda has moved on significantly with the publication of the report of Parliament’s Culture, Media and Sport Committee.
The report raises several issues which need to be addressed. So some of the material I originally intended to include, has been jettisoned.
After giving the matter careful thought, I think the most relevant approach will be to tackle, head-on, why I think tabloid journalism is in crisis, what it is like to be in the vortex of the storm and how I think we need to radically reform in order to survive.
So fewer anecdotes about me and others and more on the pressing issues which face our industry.
I’m more than happy to have a lengthy Q&A session afterwards.

The Press Association will be allocated access to the talk and the question and answer session.
This talk is also available to all schools, colleges and universities.
For details, email me at

Following demand, a flavour of the address will be published on this blog tomorrow morning and released by my press spokeswoman Hayley Barlow of Jubilee Communication

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