Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Talking2Minds - Bruce Launches our Summer Campaign With Kilimanjaro Climb

Bruce with wife Mandy and daughter Jessica

TALKING2MINDS is launching a summer campaign to urge the nation to do a sponsored event to help sufferers of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
Brave volunteer Bruce Martin is kick starting our mission with a bold attempt to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.
Bruce hopes our nation of imaginative ‘sponsored eventers’ will think about our sick servicemen and women when they are deciding who to donate their money to.
In just four years, Talking2Minds has treated 390 PTSD sufferers with a 97% success rate.
Bruce, 46, will be starting his eight-day assent of the 19,300ft mountain in Tanzania on October 6th and you can donate by clicking the links at the bottom of the page.
To prepare for the tough assent, Bruce works out most days in the gym and is a keen amateur boxer. He is also doing a lot of fell walking in the Lake District.
He said:I am doing it to raise money and awareness for the charity that I'm so passionate about - Talking2Minds. 
In my opinion the suffering caused by PTSD does not yet have a high enough profile in the UK and I want to do my small bit to change that.

“We all want to save lives, prevent suicides and help our veterans move on from the hidden injuries of the mind that are so inadequately understood in our society.”

Bruce lives in Worcester with his wife Mandy and their nine-year-old daughter Jessica. He specialises in delivering anti-stress programmes to companies.
More and more servicemen and women are coming back from gruelling combat on the front line in Afghanistan with severe PTSD symptoms.

And there are many more sufferers from other conflicts such as Iraq, Bosnia and the Falklands.

Many fall into alcohol and drug abuse to escape the torment.

Marriages, careers and lives are shattered along the way.

Tragically, many have committed suicide.

We aim to get there first to help them pick up the pieces.  And after gentle therapy, they are able to return to a normal life.

But to do this, we need every penny we can get to pay for therapists to deliver the treatment, which in some cases can be life-saving.

Our founder Rob Paxman, an SAS veteran and former PTSD sufferer, said: “Bruce is doing a magnificent job of raising our charity’s profile and we send him our grateful thanks and wish him a safe climb.

“If you are doing a sponsored event this summer, please think of Talking2Minds and the work we are doing.

"Every pound that is donated will be used to help sufferers and family members back to health."

To donate to Bruce’s Mount Kilimanjaro climb, go to his donation page here:

You can also donate by sending a text to 70070 and typing in: “ptsd22 £2”, “ptsd22 £5” or “ptsd22 £10”.

To donate to Talking2Minds, go to:


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