Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Notes on James Murdoch's Resignation from News Int

James Murdoch (Pic by Reuters)
THERE was always the feeling at News International that James Murdoch's heart and soul was never in newspapers.
He came from the TV sector and he is now returning to it.
During his presentations to staff, it was all pie charts and graphs of profitability and market share but he conveyed non of the passion for journalism and print of his father.
For that reason, he was rather unkindly given the nickname of 'Murdoch Lite' at Wapping.
It is also a useful time to leave News International. Many of his subordinates would love to do so too but are finding themselves burdened with a News Int 'taint'.
I doubt he will regret leaving Wapping. It is a unique characteristic among those who do, that they feel unburdened. You never hear a former News Int staffer say, 'I wish I was back in Wapping'.
Every man has his passion and James Murdoch is now back with his. I wish him well.


  1. Matt29 February 2012 21:15

    Given the Tom Crone email disclosed on Monday, if you "wish him well", doesn't it therefore follow that you believe Rebekah Brooks, Andy Coulson, Tom Crone and Colin Myler engaged in a conspiracy to keep the truth about phone hacking from him?

  2. Anonymous15 March 2012 02:33

    That and the fact that at the yearly "Let's all get together and pat ourselves on the back" meeting, he kept comparing newspapers to TV programmes. I think one year we heard that, except for Coronation Street, no other media had a wider reach.

    Although in fairness, probably the same number of adverts!

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