Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Telegraph on My Urge to Murdoch to Employ Ex NoTW Staff on SoS

The Daily Telegraph follow-up of my article, 'The Sun Rises for a New Dawn at News International' can be read here:


  1. Anonymous21 February 2012 09:33

    Interesting points Neville but don't you think Sun on Sunday will mark the end for Sundays as we know them, for all papers? Sadly it looks that way. Perversely I think Murdoch may be about to irrevocably damage the unique shape of Sunday news if it ushers in seven-day ops. We will end up with less rigorous, less probing journalism if the product is cheap and lightweight and is indistinct from the rest of the week's news.

  2. Miranda23 February 2012 13:54


    According to a Guardian story by Mark Sweeney ('Sun on Sunday: NI plots ad-backed push for sales top spot' Feb 20):

    '[NI] insiders have been at pains to make it clear that the newspaper is not a "Sun on Sunday" - but instead simply a Sunday edition of the newspaper that will have some "specialist staff" but without its own editor.'

    If this is indeed the case, I think you should brace yourself for disappointment. The most likely scenario I foresee is that once curiosity in the lst edition has been sated, the venture will flop by Murdoch's standards (i.e, a 2 million market share). He will then either let it die by a thousand cuts, or 'regretfully' - ho, hum - kill it off with the deftness of a trained assassin.

    What does YOUR crystal ball say, I wonder ...?

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