Thursday, 9 February 2012

Your Super Soaraway ... er ... blog!

FELICITATIONS from the ‘umble ‘ovel on the ‘ill and from this, my newly redecorated blog.

My old friend Juliet Lunn is a bit of a whiz at these things as you can see.

And after a bit of re-wiring here and some new plumbing there, bingo! - I’m hurled, headlong into the 20th century!

I was so excited last night, I couldn’t get to sleep! I offered to swing by to pick up my shiny new blog and take it home but apparently I didn’t need to. Marvellous really. Besides, I expect her home is full of oily cogs and exhaust pipes from all this ‘web building’ malarkey she does. Bit embarrassing for her that I expect.
Meanwhile, the site has had more than 28,000 hits and has been followed up by the Guardian, the Times, the Financial Times, the Independent and Channel 4 News.

The vicious circulation war between ourselves and the Isle of Arran Shoemakers’ Monthly and the Hansom Cab Lamp Fitters’ Gazette is now behind us.

Just a few more hits and we shall be equal to that of the Guardian and the Times combined.

Many TV companies have been trying to twist my arm to do a frank face to face.

Bloomberg TV has been the most persuasive and I’ll keep you posted.

Best follow me on Twitter @nthurlbeck for all updates on that front.

Back to Juliet. Highly recommend. I’ve known her for 30 years and she’s the wife of an old chum, whom I’ve known since our school and university days.

Together they run A Plain Fish and can be contacted through their website here:

Her prices are good and she’s quick and imaginative too.

But if you need to drop by their workshop, don’t forget to wear a boiler suit, a hard hat and avoid sitting on the chairs.


  1. Anonymous9 February 2012 16:08

    Great new look, although it will take me a while to get used to not seeing an oversized out of focus photo of you at the top!

    1. Neville Thurlbeck9 February 2012 17:30

      Thanks. Yes, the outsized pic was rubbish wasn't it? Every time I tried to make it smaller, it just grew and grew until it appeared to take over the entire site.

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  2. Alan O Cain9 February 2012 19:14

    I'd like to say something about your photo Nev, from the point of view of a visual artist. I really like the way it's out of focus - please keep it! My great art hero, Edvard Munch (who certainly knew how to handle a camera), deliberately took pictures of himself like this. He called them his "Fatal Destiny" works and at the end of his life made a note about how important they were to his artistic legacy. Your visage has a will'o'the'wisp quality in keeping with you former line of work, hovering ghost-like before the straight, sharp tree trunks. The fuzziness also reminds me of Gerhard Richter's paintings. Munch's photography will be featuring in an upcoming exhibition at Tate Modern in June: Edvard Munch: The Modern Eye.

    1. Neville Thurlbeck9 February 2012 20:57

      Will-o'-the-wisp: "A ghostly light seen by travellers at night, especially over bogs, swamps or marshes", according to the OED. I've been called worse recently!

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