Tuesday, 28 February 2012

BBC Newsnight Link

FOR THOSE who missed it and want to see it, here is last night's BBC Newsnight interview.
Someone got spooked by what they have called my, ‘thousand yard stare’ at the camera at the beginning (left on the  'Sun on Sunday' Ushers in New Tabloid Era post)
Sorry about that. I’m afraid I didn’t realise we were live and was practising my Bela Lugosi impersonation and was caught on the hop.
If you have a look, count how many times Emily tries to put serious and significant words in my mouth and drop me a comment here on the blog.
Naughty Emily!


  1. I counted seven, but with another 3-4 which were open to interpretation. What is the prize?

    PS I think I'll be haunted by that stare when I try and sleep tonight...

  2. The prize is a bucket of my mother's 'Matifying Emulsion', a gallon of embalming fluid and a tub of macassar hair oil so you too can have that amazing Bela Lugosi look!

    1. Here are your lookalikes according to my computer....


    2. Hilarious! I think Doris Lessing has the best haircut.

    3. Oh dear, my computer came up with this.....note to self....more powder and ease up on the embalming fluid.


    4. Wow. The Newsnight stare!

  3. LOL you rock Ned

  4. Just listened to your interview.

    I'm afraid your description of " ... first class decent honourable journalists ..." differs from my understanding of that phrase.

    This will be the same "first class decent honourable journalists" that reported on the McCanns, on Jeffries on Millie Dowler etc etc

    You have lived in this dirty world for so long, you cannot see the disgrace in your own actions.

    The public did not NEED the garbage you wrote. I accept they wanted it, but they did not NEED it!

    1. My point was that MOST of the journalists were first class.

      We do not NEED iced buns. But millions of people like them.

    2. That's the point, people may like them, Many people like cocaine, that does not mean it is good for them.

      Maybe the same applies to iced buns!