Sunday, 15 January 2012

7,000 Not Out

Much popping of Newcastle Brown Ale corks tonight in the scullery of my hovel in the hills where this humble blog is penned.
Thanks to you, dear readers, we have surpassed the 7,000 hit mark in just 20 days.
And so we leave the Isle of Arran Shoemakers’ Monthly trailing in our wake and have the Hansom Cab Lamp Fitters’ Gazette firmly fixed in our sights.
Thanks too for all your emails.
Could I ask that instead of emailing, you post on the blog, even anonymously?
Like the stand-up comic, we bloggers crave feedback from our audience.
The late and very great Frankie Howerd once said there was nothing  more annoying  than people who chuckle silently, their chests heaving with mirth but uttering nothing as much as a hoot. (The punchline to this gag incidentally was, “Listen missus, no please, yes you missus, yes! Get your titters out!")
More of Frankie – and our meetings -  another time.
And so it is with me and your much valued comments. I do not seek your approval, just your opinion.  And an email to me is like a silent titter to Frankie!
Unless of course it is confidential. I’ve had a few of those and I’ll look carefully at them. One of them was especially eye watering!
Otherwise, your emails will add to the debate enormously if you put them on the blog instead.

You can be as pro or anti tabloid/Thurlbeck as you wish. Just be clean and legal.
Apologies for the design of this blog. The erstwhile head of PR at the News of the World  informed me on Friday over a thimble or two that the layout  is, “Frankly rubbish!” and looked a bit cross about it. I promised to do something about it.
Now where's my bottle opener?


  1. Alan O'Cain16 January 2012 13:26

    Interesting reading on this blog. Personally, I can't wait for the release of the "Best of the Leveson" DVD Box Set - so entertaining: Jay is definitely Blackadder (second series) and Leveson is undoubtedly Nursie.

  2. Andrew Barker16 January 2012 21:32

    I also would buy the "Best of Leveson" box set. I have commented elsewhere that the coverage of Leveson on the Sky red button has been the best daytime TV ever.

  3. Anonymous16 January 2012 21:39

    Hey Neville, great blog.. You prove you can't judge a book by its cover, loving the candid opinion and stories behind the stories, and whilst I'm sure I don't agree with all your opinions I can't wait to read them!

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