Thursday, 12 January 2012

Matt Nixson

HERE IS the latest on Matt Nixson's fight to clear his name:

As the police have declared publicly they aren't remotely interested in even speaking to Matt about his email, one has to assume that if there is any illegality involved, it is of such a miniscule nature as to not even warrant the police spending money on petrol to visit his home.

News International have betrayed many of their staff and sacrificed many careers of loyal and long serving people.

Non moreso than Matt Nixson.

News International have schooled and instructed their reporters for decades on how to tell everyone with a good story, 'We pay the best in the business and we can pay cash so your boss won't find out'. I could speak for hours about these lessons.

This was our mantra. And one we were encouraged to chant every day of the week to contacts from most walks of life.

But they are now faking mock outrage and turning the guns on their staff while many of the tutors of this modus operandi are still in place.

And they are trawling through their staff's emails to find evidence of their pernicious education in order to hand their students over to the police.

The fake outrage is all part of a pretence that the News International of today is a totally different company from the News International of yesterday in the mode of New Labour/Old Labour.

But the deceit and hypocrisy is palpable to the media community and beyond.

Fortunately, this type of propaganda is as believable as 'Comical Ali' during the invasion of Iraq.

Sadly, no aspiring journalist or media executive could ever hope to apply for a job and place his or her future in the hands of this firm with any confidence any more.

It is rapidly becoming a very rare phenomenon indeed - a pariah company. And I say this with a heavy heart.

More of this later.

Back to Matt.

I had the privilege of working alongside Matt and he is one of finest journalists from the News International stable.

He also happens to be one of the nicest.

It will take time. But he will clear his name and he will get his compensation.

Matt will be back.

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  1. LizC16 January 2012 18:46

    I've also had the pleasure of working alongside Matt during a campaign the NoTW ran some years ago. It was complicated and youngsters were involved in telling quite harrowing stories so it wasn't easy for me to set up and for him to see through.

    Afterwards, a cheque arrived from NoTW for the charity's help along with another for something like £1,300 which I believe was the result of a suprise whip-round Matt had for us in the newsroom.

    Like many other NoTW staff I dealt with, he was excellent at his job.

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