Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Statement on Weeting Charges

This statement has been released to the Press Association, via the offices of my lawyer Henri Brandman, of Henri Brandman and Co.

“Following today’s announcement that I am to be charged in relation to Operation Weeting, I would like to thank my family and friends for their undying support during the past 15 months.

“My thanks also to my lawyer Henri Brandman for his wise and calm counsel during the police investigation.

“I am most surprised and disappointed in the outcome. I have always operated under the strict guidance and advice of News International’s lawyers and under the instructions of the newspaper’s editors which will be abundantly clear when this matter comes to court.

“I will vigorously fight to clear my reputation.

“Neither I nor my lawyer will be making any further comment at this stage.”


  1. Colin McDonald24 July 2012 13:40

    Well I'm not surprised and I'm not disappointed. These matters need to be aired in court.

    I have absolutely no idea of the facts, and it is essential that they are heard, so that I and others can judge for ourselves.

    Then, IF you are guilty, you must face punishment, if you are not guilty, then your reputation will be restored.

  2. Anonymous25 July 2012 13:22

    Neville - Keep your chin up, the witchhunt will end one day m8.

  3. Pete T8 August 2012 17:27

    Nev, all our thoughts with you mate from Cape Town. Keep chin up and keep fighting!

  4. Neville Thurlbeck9 August 2012 23:40

    Ah, thanks Pete. Fond memories still of Constantia - and Clapham! Happy days old chum!

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