Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Tabloid Secrets - A Fleet Street Memoir


Me barnstormin' memoirs on 23 years at the sharp end of Fleet Street at the News of the World is now available to order from Biteback.

It will be published on April 16, just before the general election.

It was penned here at the 'Umble 'Ovel on the 'Ill', championed by the UK's top literary agent Andrew Lownie and proof read by my mother, who read it though the gaps in the fingers covering her eyes.

That's me at the top at the beginning of my career by the way. The clunky metal thing in front of me is called a "typewriter". And the man in the jumper is the editor.  He's giving me a written warning for wearing a ridiculous moustache.

Here is some pre-publicity:

A piece in The Spectator.

And in the Press Gazette.

I'll be doing updates on this blog. Or you can join me on Twitter @nthurlbeck or Facebook

There have been 17 separate interview requests from media outlets. We hope to include you all. If you'd like to be included on the list, contact Suzanne Sangster, publicity director at Biteback Publishing at

More soon and many thanks for all your messages.

Best wishes,