Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Journalism and Crisis Management Talks

Tues, Oct 28, 2014

I am currently touring universities, colleges and schools with two separate talks.

1 Tabloid journalism in crisis and how we reform. As seen from the vortex of the News International storm.

2 How to get onto Fleet Street.

And I'll be giving a crisis management talk to over 100 businesses at the Exposure Events conference in November.

The News International Crisis: How to Survive Reputation Armageddon

To book tickets, click www.exposure-events.com


“Many of my students were enthralled by Neville Thurlbeck’s  account of his career at the top of British popular journalism; all were intrigued. If you want to understand the culture of Britain’s  red tops and how they made themselves bolder, brighter and brasher than newspapers anywhere else in the world, Neville Thurlbeck can tell you.
"His lecture is not for fainthearts, but it is unmissable for people who really want to understand popular journalism and essential for those who want to work in it.”
Prof Tim Luckhurst, Professor of Journalism, University of Kent

"There is no one better to give journalism students a real insight into the heady heights - and the depths of the dark side- of tabloid journalism. Thurlbeck's riviting account of life at the News of the World offers students the chance to hear first hand from someone at the heart of one of the greatest scandals in journalism's history and some of the biggest stories of the last 20 years. They are able to really explore whether they have what it takes to reach Fleet Street - and whether they would be able to keep their moral compass in check once there."
Bethany Usher, Principal Lecturer Learning and Teaching/Multimedia Journalism, Teesside University

"I had the pleasure of working with Neville in his early days as a weekly paper reporter and quickly recognised his talents as a story-finder. It was interesting to watch from afar as his career advanced on to a national stage.
"That was how it remained, observing from ‘afar’, until a chance meeting years later led to him offering to address a class of would-be journalists I was teaching.
"He intrigued his audience with tales of his working life, and I have had the good fortune to re-engage him for a further talk to my present group of trainees.
"Neville has a compelling story to tell and takes a refreshingly candid approach to the work he has undertaken. It is an excellent presentation."
Richard Parsons, Course Director, News Associates journalism training

"Neville provided our students with some key insights into his work and challenges as a journalist. An informative and engaging speaker he provides a fascinating perspective on a tumultuous time in the history of journalism. Most enjoyable".
Alex Lewczuk, Senior Lecturer in English/Journalism, University of Lincoln

Some reviews on my Cambridge Union address on the Tabloids in Crisis.

"Astute predictions on the fate of the newspaper industry had the audience markedly engrossed. On the future of the British press, Thurlbeck’s predictions were particularly interesting and even provocative.” 
Natalie Gil, of Varsity, Cambridge University

"Mr Thurlbeck attracted a large audience at a time when students are under a lot of exam pressure and the reaction to the talk was extremely positive.”
Ian Cooper, the Cambridge Union Society’s Head of Press.

“We were delighted to have Neville Thurlbeck address our members on Wednesday 9th May. His speech was incredibly topical.” 
Juan Zober de Francisco Rasheed, Events Officer, Cambridge Union Society.

"He was interesting on the future of the tabloid press from an economic perspective and responded to questions astutely.” 
Angus Dickson, a second year linguist.

@nthurlbeck just gave a brilliant talk @cambridgeunion. Very exciting (and topical) stuff. Press release soon!
Cambridge Union spokesman on Twitter.

@OscarWGrut “Great interview w/ @nthurlbeck and great talk from him at the Union. He called for tabloid reform saying style and tone was 'antiquated'.” 
Oscar Williams-Grut of The Tab on Twitter.

And finally! @AdamCGray “@natalierosegil Damn it, definitely should have gone....http://t.co/83KPs2ea” 
Undergraduate Adam Gray, on Twitter, who missed the address but read about it in the press the following day!

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